Is a Mobile App Right for Your Business?
Mobile trends say yes.

Mobile apps are bigger than ever and one of the most effective forms of advertising available today.
Almost any type of business can benefit from an app.
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Automotive • Manufacturers • Business CoachOrganizations • Health Clubs • Golf Courses

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Between 2011 and 2016, mobile apps are expected to have a
compound annual growth rate of more than fifty-two percent.

Consider the following information:

In addition to their vast, and growing, adoption by consumers, mobile apps provide businesses of all sizes wit

h one of the most effective advertising and branding platforms available.

From push notifications to social media networking to the delivery of timely and relevant information, there are many creative and useful ways to integrate mobile apps into enterprises of all types and sizes.

Here are three reasons your business should be using a mobile app.

1: Mobile Apps Are More Popular than Mobile Websites

People have largely abandoned using the browsers on their mobile devices and prefer apps. In fact, by 2014, consumers were already spending eighty-eight percent of their mobile usage time inside an app, compared to a paltry twelve percent of their time using their mobile browser.

It’s true that, for all businesses, responsive websites are necessities these days. It’s important to make sure that people who visit your website on a mobile device can see and use all that the site has to offer. However, the vast majority of consumers prefer to use an app when they’re on their mobile device and a mobile website alone will not keep those visitors engaged.

2: Mobile Apps Can Complement Your Desktop Website

Mobile apps do not make your desktop website obsolete. In fact, your app and your website can, and should, complement one another.

For an example of this, one need look no further than social media sites. Facebook and Twitter both have mobile apps that stand on their own as ways for customers to use each company’s social media services.

The Facebook and Twitter apps, however, are designed to complement what’s offered on the desktop website of each company. The apps don’t replace the Twitter and Facebook desktop sites; the apps enhance the sites by making the main website features more available.

Providing mobile apps has proven to be a very successful strategy for the social media giants. Facebook, for instance, had more than 47 million unique visitors on its iOS app alone in June of 2014, according to

While the scale would obviously be different, integrating a mobile app with a company website is a viable option for small- and medium-sized businesses, just as it is for very large businesses like the aforementioned sites. The usefulness of a business website can be expanded upon by going mobile, allowing users to interact with the company’s site and its features, no matter where they are.

3: Mobile Apps Make Social Media More Powerful

Social media makes it easy to share information with your customers. On social media platforms, events, sales, coupons, special offers and more can be publicized, instantly, to an audience that’s already engaged with your brand.

Integrating your social networking feeds with your mobile app allows you to expand your audience. By adding push notifications to the app, you can alert users every time you make an important update, increasing the chances that your message will get seen.

Remember that you can promote your app on your social media feed, as well. By doing so, you give your customers a chance to move seamlessly from interacting with your social media website presence to your mobile app, increasing their engagement.


Mobile apps are more popular and versatile than ever. Online tools make it easy for business owners to create their own apps with surprisingly sophisticated features. With custom design, there are few limits to what an app can do.

If your business doesn’t have a mobile app yet, you haven’t missed the boat. Trends show that they’re only becoming more widely used as time goes on, and it’s vital that businesses deploy mobile apps to stay competitive today and to remain so in the future.

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